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At the new Bengaluru location space for modern assembly areas is provided for ILLIG INDIA. Here ILLIG builds the RV 53 thermoforming machine for the Indian market. Besides functional and appropriate offices, a larger stock of spare parts is available also. In addition there is a showroom and sufficient space for regular customer training is also available. From there ILLIG INDIA delivers RV 53 spare parts to all ILLIG customers in India, and, at the same time, service is provided from there, too.

ILLIG has been represented in India for more than 25 years and, traditionally, there has been a business relationship with Hi-Tech International, domiciled in Mumbai. They are in charge of sales of further thermoforming machines in India. The market situation for ILLG thermoforming lines in India has continuously developed in a very positive way. And currently there is an especially high demand for high-performance thermoformers for the production of packs of all sizes and shapes. This expansion of location documents the stable, global market position of ILLIG machines which has been maintained over the last years.

Machine RV 53
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ILLIG RV machines – vacuum forming with different forming areas, expansion levels and automation levels Formings can be produced economically and efficiently, even in small batch sizes, using the vacuum forming technology in combination with simple tools. A uniform wall thickness is achieved in high parts by employing the positive forming method with automatic pre-blowing and material pre-stretching. RV 53 provides all options for forming, punching and stacking of thermoformed articles.

Worldwide unique tool design Assembly sets developed together with the machines are available as standard parts for building forming tools and clamping frames as well as stacking and format parts. With this simple tooling system and the mold making manual developed by ILLIG all machine options can be used to the maximum extent resulting in economical production even of small batch sizes. RV 53 is equipped with a max. forming area of 500 x 350 mm. Further information you will find in sections "Brochure" and "Technical Data".

Forming area max. 500 x 350 mm
Forming area min. 300 x 100 mm
Height of formed part above material level max. 100 mm
Height of formed part below material level max. 30 mm
Material width max. 550 mm
Material width min. 340 mm
Material thickness max. 1.3 mm
Material thickness min. 0.18 mm
Accuracy of material transport (measured on intermediate bridge of skeletal)   +- 0.2 mm
Connected load of upper heater   9.8 kW
Connected load of lower heater   5.6 kW
Heater length of upper heater   875 mm
Heater length of lower heater   500 mm
Suction capacity of vacuum pump   40 m³/h
Heat to be dissipated   15000 kJ/h
Connection for cooling water on machine   R 1/2"  
Connection for compressed air on machine   R 1/2"  
Required cross section of supply pipe for compressed air   R 1"  
Weight approx.   3000 kg


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